03. 07. 2018

In the small village Tvarožná near the town Kežmarok in Eastern Slovakia, she is remembered as: the little girl that…

26. 06. 2018

The Metropolitan Opera rightfully deserves the title of the best opera house in the world. Productions have a high level…

29. 02. 2016

The Met: Live in HD’s 2016-17 Season kicks off on October with the series’ 100th transmission, a new production of…

07. 02. 2016

Juan Diego Flórez – today in slightly different way Probably no one from us present there will ever easily forget…

29. 11. 2015

Would you like an extraordinary experience? We will advise you. We will, of course, direct you to the music. In…

23. 11. 2015

In the early opera in Florence and Naples (1600) no voice was clearly defined, the only distinction was that a…

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A duel never seen before!
17. 12. 2023
Concert hall of the Slovak Philharmonic, Bratislava
Great Slovak Voices
Piano: Róbert Pechanec
23. 11. 2022
Concert Hall of the Slovak Philharmonic
10. 06. 2022
Concert Hall af the Slovak Philharmonic, Bratislava
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